Tell your child's unique story through words and pictures! Your child will love it too!

"I am a parent of a deaf child and I set up Experience Books to help you to advocate your child's issues in school or nursery, to help with transition." Gerard, Founder. Each unique book explains how your child communicates and explains how others can help. Parents can share information to new support workers, child minders or teachers so won't have to repeat the same things over again.

Each book focuses on key issues for your child in simple language so that it's easy to understand. They support a child's identity and each book contains a classmate 'pledge-to-help' sheet encourging others to inclusion and to support their school friend.They are a teaching resource or for circle time eg for deaf awareness or to explain about autism.

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Customise your very own 24-page large-sized (297mm x 210mm), children's book to explain how your child communicates; create a look-alike of your child - personalise it with hearing aids or cochlear implants. Explain to friends,family, carers and school staff about their issues / hearing loss, show how others can help, add their interests and favourite things. Each individually made book is just £16.99 plus shipping for UK, EIRE, USA , New Zealand or Australian customers.

Have you seen My brother John?  

More books for deaf children If you have a child with a hearing aid or cochlear implant here are some great books from author Joanne Zellweger: My brother John and John gets ready for school - there are mugs and bookmarks too that help explain to others about cochlear implants and hearing aids.

Mum from Australia reviews our books.

"Making the book together on line was fantastic. I found out that Charlie saw himself as 'hearing impaired' rather than 'deaf'. The whole process led to discussions we always wanted to have with him in a very natural and informative way - brilliant! "Emma, UK.

"It is wonderful! My son can't wait to show his friends at school. It's a great starting point to talk about what problems he has at school or in general. Super idea." Christine, West Midlands.

"Being a parent of a deaf child - I wanted to share my experience." Gerard, Creator of Experience Books.

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